I am Spiritual Growth Coach trained in a set of therapeutic and healing techniques based on the inner space of meditation.

The approach is practical and profound.

 For thousands of years meditators have discovered that beyond the conscious surface-level of the mind lie forces that shape personality, cause stress or neurosis, or ill-health. I use these techniques to specifically target repeated negative patterns.

A few bits from my younger years..

There is a story in my family .. I was small, around 4 or 5 years old growing up in Kansas on my parents 3 acre rural property in the middle of Kansas… My maternal grandmother was visiting from California one summer, her, my mom and I were walking down to the pond on our property. I said something to my mother and my grandma remarked - How can you allow her to say such things?! .. (disclaimer - I don’t know exactly what I said)

What happened next was so beautiful (to me) - I said to my grandma '“I have to say what I feel!” — My mom shrugged her shoulders to my cute obstinance

How Beautiful is this! I had a VOICE, soo young a sense of presence, a sense of who I was. There has been many times throughout my life that teachers or societal structures of tried to dim this light. I am loud… I am opinionated.. I am bigger than my skin.

My Kindergarten teacher said to me - “Your voice carries, you need to talk softer than everyone else” -

I remember thinking to myself - “NOPE”

Then, in college at Kansas State University in Manhattan, Kansas. I got to hang out with a lot of fun people in the theater crowd. My older sister was a theater major, so I attended a lot of her parties. One day, I was speaking with my boyfriend, I said “I want to be a liberated lesbian” — He said the sweetest most profound thing in his response,

— “you don’t have to be a lesbian, to be liberated” —

I have a passion for growth, when I saw gay men and women coming out — I was hooked, I wanted that but … was I a lesbian, no..

bummer.. this wouldn’t be my path.

BUT, I have a passion for growth

I sought out transformation and growth through my body first. I trained my body, I felt truly connected with my body, then I learned to train others. Shortly after I landed on Maui in 2002, I became a personal trainer, pilates instructor and yoga teacher. I loved it! As a women, this was an empowering step, to feel incontrol of my body, I took ownership of my vessel through this process.

The first time I sat with my mentor who helped me start my personal training career, he said - “what is the least favorite part of your body?”

My answer — “my belly.” He replied,

— “by the time we are done, it will be your favorite part.” — He was right!

I did all the book work and he and I trained for several months. At the end of this time and still today, I love my belly! What Sean Casey helped me do was see myself in a different way, I transformed parts of myself that I didn’t like and stepped into a new, fuller dimension of myself.

I now have the privilege of walking alongside clients as they transform into the version of themselves that they didn’t know was possible. I connet with people where they are at and have a keen ability to see the part of them that is already where they want to be. My passion is connecting the dots. I worked with peoples’ bodies for many years. Now, I have added a new tools to my toolkit to help people connect The Big YOU, The Brave YOU, which is the REAL YOU!

If you are ready, to do the ‘book work’, to train, face demons and come out on the other side winning — I WANT to CONNECT with YOU!

Thank you for reading, Please click the link below if you are ready to connect with The Big YOU, the Brave YOU, the REAL YOU! — NOW

Warmly, Vanessa