Dr. Valerie Lane Simonsen, Naturopathic Physician, Shaman Minister, Author, Radio Hostess Designer

I have had the great pleasure to know Vanessa for many years.  I have watched her find her soul's passion & had the honor of being served by Vanessa a number of times.  Vanessa holds a pure clear space as she serves from an open heart.  Her gifts to the world are remarkable and I encourage you to experience the love Vanessa has to share.  Thank you Vanessa... I will keep referring clients to you & utilize your services in the future.       


Sarah Prikryl, Registered Nurse

I found Vanessa through a Google search when I was enduring a tough time in life and relationship. Her kind, compassionate and professional demeanor immediately put me at ease and allowed me to be vulnerable and open to Inner Space Therapy even during my very first session. I consider my time spent working with Vanessa to be pivotal to the success I achieved navigating my struggles. The therapy is a great tool, but I believe it was Vanessa's loving intention and dedication that were the most powerful part of my journey toward healing. Thank you Vanessa! ❤


Vanessa made me feel completely welcome and comfortable. She has a very grounded & non-judgemental way about her, allowing me to bring everything I had with me to a session with no stigma. Very professional and knowledgeable, great facilitator. Highly recommend.

~ Renee Theuriet, Massage Therapist


Jade L. Brown, Physical Therapist

My IST sessions with Vanessa: She is SOLID…deepness itself. I feel like I am lying in the grass, full of delight and ease. I sink as deep as Vanessa.  I begin feeling energy surrounding and lifting my hands and arms…understanding movement from an outside-in perspective. As a physical therapist with a major in biomechanics, I find this revelation compellingly elegant. Vanessa’s present solid foundation of integrity allowed me to lay in the grass and be danced. To sum it up, I will say this process is consciousness researching itself.