Aloha Fellow Seekers,

I returned home to Maui after two weeks of meditation practices in the high remote desert in California. Their were over over 100 people in the courses from all over the world. I get a sense of fellowship when I connect with these people. I know some of their deepest truths, but I may not know what they do for a living. This sense comes from a common wanting in all of us for Truth.

I used to give talks in Kihei and Makwao and I was so touched by peoples' willingness share vulnerably

For me, being vulnerable & leading with my truth is the most exhilarating experience that I have found in this life. Since I returned home 4 days ago, I have been able to share and connect to new depths with my partner. Trusting that I am speaking from a quiet mind and open heart, I have approached topics that in the past have been tricky to navigate or truthfully have felt like navigating emotional land mines. The results of my personal dedication to opening and truth, have been visible in my relationship and continue to nurture deeper and deeper connection.



Coming Soon - Group Meditation Course, details next week

Vanessa Cushenbery