I am so excited to get back to the world soon!  I am in my second week of meditation courses in Northeastern California.  I am happy to be able to dive deep into practices...  I am seeing the world we are living in is designed to keep us away from some of these deeper experiences.  These experiences are painful, blissful and full of exploration, but if we numb ourselves from pain or discomfort we loose the bandwith to feel the bliss and creativity as well.  

Maybe you are like me?  I didn't even need painkillers or antidepressants to numb myself.  I had other ways... creative.. sneaky ways that I wasn't even aware of ...  I am so so happy to be un-numbing myself.  Last week, I became friends with the pain in my heart.  I have a wider range now, I can connect with people in deeper places.  It is one of my biggest joys to be able to hold people at there lowest and be present with them at their highest.  

With Love, Vanessa


Vanessa Cushenbery