Weekly Why
Why you feel like something is missing

4 week Meditation Group

I'm going to be honest with you, there is something deep in all of us that looks for something... that knows something else exists. This is why when we get 'the thing' whatever it is.. the job, the successful business, the dress, the house, the spouse.. etc. We don't fundamentally change. Nothing feels 'fixed'.

Temporarily maybe sure we might feel better, like falling in love, everything is blissful, for a little while.. but eventually things kind of go back to 'normal'... that something is lacking kind of feeling, I want something more kind of feeling. Our hearts crave depth, unity, oneness. This comes out in all kinds of ways, addictions to substances, work, technology or checking out through watching TV perhaps or thousands of other ways.. These are ways that we try to numb the pain or fill the hole in our hearts.

I have pain and emptiness too, but for me experiencing the depth and reality in the pain and the emptiness has given me a perspective shift. I now, can sniff out pretty quickly when I am trying to fill the emptiness or avoid the pain by blaming it on my partner for example.. I have a realtionship with Truth that I value more than avoiding the displeasure of pain & emptiness.


Vanessa 4 week Meditation Group

Vanessa Cushenbery