Introducing Myself


I'd like to introduce myself and say I will be writing you weekly. Hopefully, you will find these emails helpful in someway. If not, please just unsubcribe with no hard feelings.

My story..
I had it 'all', I had a husband that adored me, 50 acres with a huge house and pool on Maui with an amazing oceanview and plenty of money to spend... Yet somehow something was missing and I couldn't put my finger on it. The something inside felt like unsatisfaction sometimes and boredom occasionaly. I had a beautiful time decorating my home and designing and planting our garden.. but still something was missing. I went back to school, I tried different business opportunities, even filling it with fancy dinners and partying with firends. But, nothing quite it the mark until I found my current path.

My current path connected me to my passion and drive again after many years of being disconnected from this part of me. Now I help women find their passion, what feeds their soul. Through we live our biggest lives possible.

With Love,


Vanessa Cushenbery