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4 Week Meditation Group

4-Week Maui Meditation Group

Registration is Open!

Makawao - 4 Week Meditation Group

Wednesdays -  6:00-7:15pm

This group is for you if you are interested in getting somewhere in your meditaiton practice. If you are seeking results and are willing to develop a consistent meditation practice, this can be your first step. This is the first step in developing a solid daily meditation practice. Learn how to connect with your inner space and work towards silencing your mind and finding your inner clarity.

This is an exciting chance to connect with fellow seekers, feel the power of group meditation, and the support of community

75 min Class time

1st & 4th meeting

  • Listen to the recorded lecture by Samuel Sagan (approx 45 min)

  • Questions & Discussion ( approx 30 min)

2rd & 3rd meeting

  • Listen to the guided meditation by Samuel Sagan (approx 45 min)

  • Sharing of Experiences (approx 30 min)

An important part of the group is a continued communication via WhatsApp. This provides support and feedback during the 4 weeks for everyone in the group.

Outside of our scheduled group time you have the ability to listen to the recorded meditations & lecutures on your own as much as you like

This group is for you if…

  • You want to deepen your meditation practice

  • You want to be around others who want to deepen their meditation practice

  • You are interested in meditation but don’t know much about it.

  • Some part of you wants to come but you don’t ‘know’ why - this is a low cost way to dip your toe into Clairvision Meditation School and see if it’s a fit for you.

  • If you feel like you are a true seeker and want more depth in your life, more connection.

  • If the phrase “Spirituality with Grit” interests you.

***If any or all of the above points describes you or what you are wanting, come join us.

You may not know what you are looking for, but this can help you figure that out.  It has helped me find my path, clarity and truth.  I was moving towards Medical school and didn’t feel passionate, I had an emptiness that I was trying to fill through my relationship, through seeking a degree and in the past substances.  Nothing has come close to satisfying the seeker in me like the methods of the Clairvision School.  

What to Bring

Whatever you require to be seated comfortably on the floor. Meditation cushions and pillows are a nice upgrade.

What if I’m new?

Congratulations on your new chapter!  Meditation is a method of clearing out the clutter and stress that accumulates in our mind.  

What do I wear?

Dress in comfortable clothing.  Maui style is welcome.

**Note the class will build momentum, all participants must join the goup by September 10th.

In Makawao - Wednesdays 6:00-7:15 pm

September 11, 18, 25 & October 2

 How to reserve your spot in the Meditation Group  (Limited to 8 people) 

Total Cost - $125 ($14.95 for materials and $110 for study group)

  1. Register below to confirm your spot.

  2. Order Meditation, Portal to Inner Worlds Course here or copy/paste this into your browser

Vanessa is great! She was present with me and our class. My questions, which were many, were never treated a dumb and I felt welcome to ask about Clairvision School meditation techniques without feeling like the kid who asked too many questions. As a beginner meditator, my consistency wasn’t there. Again, I didn’t feel criticized for that, which made it easy to continue to show up for my practice. She was helpful, knowledgeable and available without judgement. She’s great. Just wonderful.

- Doris Maran, Kula HI

Vanessa was warm and welcoming. I found her guidance and meditation helpful and relaxing. I'm looking forward to the next meditation group.

Dana J., Seattle WA

I would highly recommend learning how to meditate with Vanessa, I always feel peaceful and relaxed when I leave a session.

Trisha Egge, Makawao HI

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