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Awakening the Third Eye Weekend Workshop -

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February 3 & 4th, 2018

Sat. 9am-5pm &  Sun. 9am-4pm

Awakening the Third Eye is a weekend workshop designed for those who want direct experience of deeper states of consciousness, as well as those who want to learn skills for cultivating and managing their energy. At the workshop, you will learn techniques for awakening spiritual vision, protecting and grounding your energy, quieting your mind, and fast recuperation from fatigue. The techniques taught this weekend come from Clairvision school of meditation (, a school of spiritual awakening that emphasizes first-hand experiences of consciousness. Come join us in Maui, February 3rd & 4th for this exciting event!

Third eye and vision skills

  • Understanding what the third eye is.
  • Understanding the place of the third eye in the Clairvision work of inner alchemy.
  • Feeling your third eye.
  • Discerning the different modalities experienced in the third eye (vibration and its different forms, light, space, vortices), and understanding what they can be used for.
  • Learning about common experiences taking place when working on third eye and spiritual vision, and how to handle these experiences.
  • How to use the third eye to focus yourself.
  • How to use the third eye to quieten your mind.
  • How to use the third eye to meditate. Learning the Clairvision School's third eye meditation technique.
  • The triple process of vision: how to see an aura, how to cultivate spiritual vision.
  • Peripheral vision and its value in order to cultivate third eye vision.
  • How to make the most out of your daily activities in order to foster the development of your third eye.
  • The course is the opportunity to ask any question you wish about personal experiences you may have had during former third eye work, meditation or psychic experiences. A team of instructors is available to give you personal feedback.

Energy management and protection skills

  • Discerning closed and opened states of your energy. Learning to pay attention to these states, and produce them at will.
  • Understanding and perceiving when and why your energy should be closed, or opened.
  • Learning to gather and close your energy for the purpose of protection.
  • How to use the third eye and belly energies for the purpose of grounding.
  • The use of energy for interpersonal skills: matching someone from the heart or belly center.
  • Etheric excretion: how running water can be used to cleanse your energy.

Night practice, technique of psychic sleep

  • How to use night practice for the purpose of relaxation and fast recuperation.
  • How to facilitate a peaceful transition into sleep at night, and help connect to spiritual spaces during your sleep.

Weekend Workshop - February 3 & 4, 2018

  Price - $250

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 Student Discount - $195

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Contact Vanessa Cushenbery or (808) 298-1345

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