Do you wake up saying …

Why do I feel this way?

I did, I had everything.. I owned a 5,500 sq. ft. home, 50 acres on Maui with the best oceanview that money could buy. My husband adored me and I had all the freedom, time and money to do whatever I wanted.

But, something was missing.

I looked everywhere, I tried different business adventures, going back to school, partying with friends… I didn’t find the answer until I found myself knee deep in a meditation school. I had signed up, committed to a path — going back to school, headed towards medical school.

but there was no passion!

So I committed to myself… Searched started searching for clarity and truth — I wanted to feel passionate about my life. Now, I do — no I don’t have all the answers, yes this is what I thought I would get when I started this path. I wanted to feel secure and know who I was and what I wanted ALL the time. The thing is — I got something better. I got a fluidity in my life that allows me to redefine myself at any moment. The real me isn’t constant or stagnant. I allow myself to change fluidly. I celebrate my in the moment knowing and clarity of what is right for this moment! This is what I help you find - Your Clarity and allow the rest to fall away!!

My first impression of Vanessa was that she had such a light in her eyes and a sparkling laugh. I was instantly comfortable. She is inquisitive and caring, I felt at ease to share intimate details about myself in our first meeting, and she is also very strong and grounded. During my sessions with Vanessa I felt incredibly held and safe. She created a loving space energetically to dive deep within myself. I felt lighter and peaceful after our sessions. Vanessa has impeccable integrity and I trust her implicitly to guide me through soul healing and exploration.
— Meredyth Hunt, Los Angeles